More Than a Mountaintop

Life is not what you think it is. You have been raised in a society that believes you are the priority: that the most important thing you can do in life is take care of yourself. And if you can get someone else to do it for you… even better! What if the life you are living isn’t life at all? What if getting what you want is missing what you would truly enjoy?

Do you like watching TV? I know I do. It is so much fun to see stories created in people’s minds come to life. And the movies… I get why they are so expensive. What an experience! The problem is we have allowed ourselves to believe that we can watch our life like a movie rather than live it. We can be comfortable, relax and enjoy our popcorn while we see great things happen around us. Now, I don’t want to scare you, but it is time to put down the remote. Take off the 3D glasses and go on a journey.

Take a trip into the parts of your life you got too busy for. Read a book (I have a recommendation for that…). Talk to people outside of your circle. Be willing to hear something that doesn’t line up with what you already thought. Go for a walk and see what you usually drive by and ignore. TELL SOMEONE ABOUT JESUS! Buy something at the grocery store that you’ve never tried before and give it a chance. Listen to a style of Christian music you never would normally. If this doesn’t sound exciting to you, you are too comfortable. Life has quit being interesting and instead life is just being.

A long time ago a group of people who claimed to know the truth had allowed themselves to drift to the point that they were forced into just being. They didn’t have a choice. They literally belonged to someone else. Maybe you feel like you don’t either. You can do what they did and ask God to show you the way out – deliverance. God took His people out of bondage and sent them on… A JOURNEY! They traveled somewhere they never planned on going. Along the way they came to a mountain. God told their leader to prepare them, because for the first time in history God was going to make His presence known to an entire nation at once. In Exodus 19 we see an amazing story of the nation of Israel preparing themselves to see God. When it happens, they are scared; yet excited.

Seeing the Lord can be a scary, yet exciting experience, even if you already know Him. He is reaching out for your hand and wants to take you to places you never imagined, but it takes work. The Israelites had to work to prepare themselves to be close to God and so will you. But every journey takes a first step. Are you ready? Are you ready for your life to change: to spend this year constantly growing closer to Him by reading your Bible, getting to know people that need you to pour Him into their life and experience life for the first time in a long time, or maybe, for the first time? God is calling to you: “But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first.” (Revelation 2:4) God is calling to each of us to take up His cross, be a light in the world, and live REAL LIFE.
Love You All,
Blake Davis

Little Dog in a Big World

Heavy Fruit

I am the vine.  You are the branches.  If anyone remains joined to me, and I to him, he will bare a lot of fruit.  You can’t do anything without me.” – Jesus Christ
What’s your fruit look like?  Is it nice and plump, full of juice, sweet and smells incredible?  Are you as the branch, green, strong and healthy?  Do you bare A LOT of fruit?
 My grandma was an exceptional gardener, she could grow just about anything that she was caring for.  I remember that she also had several fruit trees and those babies put out the fruit some years and some years they didn’t.  One specific year there was a bumper crop of peaches.  My grandpa had to put supports under the limbs so they wouldn’t break. We had peach everything that year, from preserves to peach ice cream.  The birds and worms had a heyday gorging themselves on the fruit.
Many life lessons can be taken away from Jesus’ words and the experiences our God gives us here as we do life.  I know this…..
I want to be a branch that is so joined to Jesus that God has to put supports under me because I produce so much fruit!


What Was Driving Columbus?

Christopher Columbus labored for seven years to convince European monarchs to finance his seaborne explorations. Finally winning the support of Queen Isabella of Castille and King Ferdinand of Aragon, he set sail on August 3, 1492. Thinking he was on the way to India, he “discovered” the new world on October 12, 1492. In his Libro de las Profecias (Book of Prophecies), Columbus recorded a remarkable set of perspectives on his voyage. He was not sailing or exploring for himself; he was sailing by the will of God. Columbus wrote:

“I prayed to the most merciful Lord about my heart’s great desire, and He gave me the spirit and the intelligence for the task: seafaring, astronomy, geometry, arithmetic, skill in drafting spherical maps and placing correctly the cities, rivers, mountains and ports. I also studied cosmology, history, chronology and philosophy,”

He went on to profess,

“It was the Lord who put into my mind (I could feel His hand upon me) the fact that it would be possible to sail from here to the Indies. All who heard of my project rejected it with laughter, ridiculing me. There is no question that the inspiration

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For Evansake

I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day

My senior year of college at OBU the University Chorale sang a song entitled “The Bells.” It was an original composition of our director. It quickly became one of my favorite selections from our repertoire. The lyrics were from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, “The Christmas Bells,” known now as the carol “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.”


The poem shuffles you through emotions related to peace, hate, war, despair, and hope. I can’t help but point out that these emotions are still prevalent in our land today. While we as Christians can rest on the assurance of hope, and peace in our lives, we must not neglect our brothers and sisters in the midst of pain, and heartache. Our commission from Christ is to share a Gospel that is more than adequate to heal despair, hopelessness, hatred, and offer peace. I am reminded of a verse from John 16:33 “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulations. But take heart; I have overcome the world!” Read more…

Home is an Open Door

Our home is our castle. We protect it with all that we are. And the people that make up that home we (should) protect all the more. That is why the imagery of Christ ‘standing at the door and knocking’ is so powerful. It is about really letting Him in… on everything. So how best to welcome Him in than with an open door policy? And where better to truly welcome Him in than your castle, among the people that mean the most to you?
As our student ministry goes to Fall Retreat this month, we are focusing on II Cor. 5:14-17. Basically, the passage says that because of His love for us, we live for Him. And we do this be no longer looking at anyone as the world does. That means even in our own home, with our spouse and our kids, (or parents, best friends, whoever) we must see them as even closer than that. We must view them as precious children of our heavenly Father and our brothers and sisters for eternity. We must not worry about our relationship with them, but instead focus on their relationship with Him. Let’s reclaim and restore our houses to the places of worship He designed them to be. A place where we draw each other closer to Him thru love, actions and reading His Word together. 
In Christ,
Blake Davis

Little Dog In A Big World

The 4 I’s

I continue to be amazed and awe struck by how God reveals His plan and vision for ministry in my life and those around me.  Just the ability and opportunity to enter into a relationship with the Creator of EVERYTHING makes me feel so insignificant.  There is a nugget of truth feeling this way.  I reflect upon the many lessons involving insignificant folks in the Bible and the various stories of faithful followers down through time and realize that not only can God use and empower anyone, He can renew their heart, mind and body in the process.  Once again, all we need be is available.  
As we move forward into what God has for us, how engaged are you with living out God’s plan for your life?  Irrelevant, Immovable, Indecisive or Invested?  God’s call on your life to share the Gospel will forever remain as long as you breath.  He requires two things…Love God and Love Others.  Can’t we accomplish both of these by sharing Jesus with others?

Love, Wilder

Worse than Golf-ball Sized Hail!

“The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord ridicules them. Then he speaks to them in His anger and terrifies them in His wrath.” Psalm 2:4-5 HCSB.

Our nation’s highest court, one which garners no authority whatsoever in God’s eyes, made a 5-4 decision to redefine marriage. Understand that their action addresses far more than simply the terms by which we define the holy relation between a man and a woman. More than just accommodating tax benefits or equal opportunity under the law, our elected justices have defined as right that which God has said is wrong. Justice Alito even stated, “Today’s decision usurps the constitutional right of the people to decide whether to keep or alter the traditional understanding of marriage…” We can no more alter God’s definition of marriage any more than we can make murder ok or change God’s sovereign character.

Little Dog in a Big World


After spending the past week with a bunch of really incredible 3rd – 6th graders at Falls Creek, the future is bright!  I say so with confidence because of the amount of time I did get to spend with them.  Yes, there were moments of kids pushing boundaries and basically kids being kids.  There was a whole bunch of kids tuning in  to what God had to say about living their lives and running the race.  Something else I saw was an outward thinking.  Kids thinking of others and sometimes serving others or even adults.  
Camp can do that to a person.  (Usually it goes one way or the other.)  More missionaries and folks dedicated to ministry have come out of Falls Creek than any other camp in the United States.  This past week my family became a part of that legacy.  My son surrendered his life to ministry.  Honestly, I am thrilled but am also shifting into defense mode with asking my God to protect him even more.  The enemy loves to attack and cast doubt all along the journey of those that say yes to God.  I know this is true no matter what the calling may be in life but frankly, I believe the efforts are doubled when someone dedicates their life to ministry.

Little Dog in a Big World

You Talk’in To Me?

I am so thankful and excited how God is moving and guiding those within our fellowship to action!  What makes them special? Is it their magnetic personality, their can do attitude or how ’bout availability?  Availability is a HUGE precursor to what the Holy Spirit can do in and through you.  If you have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit dwells within you allowing you unlimited power.  The real and important question is….Have you gave your life over to His saving grace and have you submitted your will to God’s perfect plan for your life?
So….If you have a relationship with The Lord, what’s holding you back?  He’s given you all that you need to accomplish that wonderful and adventurous plan.  Most importantly He is there, guiding you with His Holy Spirit.  All you need be, is available.  If you remember, that’s what you said yes to, ALL the days of your life, on your spiritual birthday!
Go ahead…be like Samuel when he said, “Here I am Lord”.  You’ll be amazed!