Home is an Open Door

Our home is our castle. We protect it with all that we are. And the people that make up that home we (should) protect all the more. That is why the imagery of Christ ‘standing at the door and knocking’ is so powerful. It is about really letting Him in… on everything. So how best to welcome Him in than with an open door policy? And where better to truly welcome Him in than your castle, among the people that mean the most to you?
As our student ministry goes to Fall Retreat this month, we are focusing on II Cor. 5:14-17. Basically, the passage says that because of His love for us, we live for Him. And we do this be no longer looking at anyone as the world does. That means even in our own home, with our spouse and our kids, (or parents, best friends, whoever) we must see them as even closer than that. We must view them as precious children of our heavenly Father and our brothers and sisters for eternity. We must not worry about our relationship with them, but instead focus on their relationship with Him. Let’s reclaim and restore our houses to the places of worship He designed them to be. A place where we draw each other closer to Him thru love, actions and reading His Word together. 
In Christ,
Blake Davis