Little Dog in a Big World


After spending the past week with a bunch of really incredible 3rd – 6th graders at Falls Creek, the future is bright!  I say so with confidence because of the amount of time I did get to spend with them.  Yes, there were moments of kids pushing boundaries and basically kids being kids.  There was a whole bunch of kids tuning in  to what God had to say about living their lives and running the race.  Something else I saw was an outward thinking.  Kids thinking of others and sometimes serving others or even adults.  
Camp can do that to a person.  (Usually it goes one way or the other.)  More missionaries and folks dedicated to ministry have come out of Falls Creek than any other camp in the United States.  This past week my family became a part of that legacy.  My son surrendered his life to ministry.  Honestly, I am thrilled but am also shifting into defense mode with asking my God to protect him even more.  The enemy loves to attack and cast doubt all along the journey of those that say yes to God.  I know this is true no matter what the calling may be in life but frankly, I believe the efforts are doubled when someone dedicates their life to ministry.
So, how do we as parents protect and have peace?  Release, Trust & Faith.  
Our understanding of protection within the spiritual realm must be rooted in prayer.  Pray for your kids.  Ask the God that created and owns all of this to guide your child’s path and then release your child to follow the path God has.  Better yet, encourage your child to stay on the path.  
Trust in the God that you just prayed and asked to watch over your young one.  We ask but do we believe in the God we ask?  Ask God for wisdom to help lead your child while looking for ways that God has already began to work.
Have faith in the One who has guided you and has believed in you enough to give you the blessing of a child.  God has a way of giving you what you need when you need it.  He will do the same with that little blessing He has entrusted you with!
“For I know the plans I have for you-this is the Lord’s declaration-plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”  –  Jeremiah 29:11