Little Dog in a Big World

Heavy Fruit

I am the vine.  You are the branches.  If anyone remains joined to me, and I to him, he will bare a lot of fruit.  You can’t do anything without me.” – Jesus Christ
What’s your fruit look like?  Is it nice and plump, full of juice, sweet and smells incredible?  Are you as the branch, green, strong and healthy?  Do you bare A LOT of fruit?
 My grandma was an exceptional gardener, she could grow just about anything that she was caring for.  I remember that she also had several fruit trees and those babies put out the fruit some years and some years they didn’t.  One specific year there was a bumper crop of peaches.  My grandpa had to put supports under the limbs so they wouldn’t break. We had peach everything that year, from preserves to peach ice cream.  The birds and worms had a heyday gorging themselves on the fruit.
Many life lessons can be taken away from Jesus’ words and the experiences our God gives us here as we do life.  I know this…..
I want to be a branch that is so joined to Jesus that God has to put supports under me because I produce so much fruit!